Relationship Selling

I'm published! Check out this month's issue of Modern Homes to read about a different way to approach the sales process that I call Relationship Selling.

When we are working with prospective home buyers (and when home buyers are looking for a prospective builder to buy from) it's important to keep in mind that we will be tied to the other party for a much longer time than just the sales process. Builders should be committed to creating a positive experience for the buyer so they will be rewarded with referrals and possibly the purchase of the move-up home, and buyers need to be comfortable with the fact that the builder and the team that they have chosen to build their new home will be available to answer all of their questions before and after the sale.

Modern Homes is a wonderful trade magazine that offers great insights on all aspects of housing. If you haven't seen it recently you should be sure to find out about subscribing to it now!

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