Bravo to the new Lifestylist!

I'm so excited -may of the shows that I've been hearing about all summer on television are about to start! I've been in Project Runway withdrawl, so when I started seeing ads for Tim Gunn's Guide to Style... well summer couldn't end soon enough.

Last night was the big night and it was worth the wait - the show is wonderful. He used a computer program to show the actual body type for the woman he was helping by entering her measurements in, and as much as I would love to have access to that I think I would fear it as well. The mirror may not lie, but what came from that program is a starker reality than I may want to deal with. Tim then used the profile to show the woman what worked and what didn't work on her body type, and you'll just have to tune into the show to see the results!

Another great part of the show was the introduction of Jared Weiss, a life coach who I am proud to also call a Lifestylist. Based in New York, this hottie has really tuned in to helping people find themselves and I'm anxious to experience more of his work when we get to see him in action again on the show.

As always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you'll have to visit Jared's site to meet Mr. Koj - the poster dog for Jared's MadProper philosophy. He may be bald and missing a few teeth, but he can steal my heart anytime.

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