My Name is Sam

I’ve had some really frustrating technology days lately -because I had to have an iphone (which I love) I’m using AT&T for my internet provider and other services. To say there customer service is non-existent is an understatement - I’ve been waiting here all day for a tech guy to come and fix my service yet again. The appointment was for 8am and still no calls or tech.

I’m getting better at fixing things myself - a skill that I have no interest in but it’s out of necessity, and after messing with things for awhile I realized my new modem isn’t working. Funny - the old one that they told me wasn’t working started right up when I tried it so we seem to have a temporary solution, but now my brand new HP printer refuses to work.

The logical next step seemed to be to go to the HP website and see if I could find a solution, no luck there so I called the 800 customer service number. After having to call back 15 times because when I talked to “Sam” - each time a different person and each time “Sam” either couldn’t comprehend English or I got disconnected, I realized that HP really wasn’t interested in keeping me as a customer and that Sam must have been the code word for “we’ll just string them along until they get tired of calling.”

I’ll never buy another HP product and will use them as an example of how lack of customer service can kill a company. How you treat your customers after the sale is as important as the product or service you are providing, and a bad experience can undermine all of the things that you are doing right. The next time you are in the market for something, keep in mind how you will be treated after the purchase and if their customer support is handled locally or farmed out overseas.

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